The Right Reverend T. Larry Kirkland

5th Episcopal District Presiding Prelate  

Presiding Elder Steven A. Cousin

 Presiding Elder Midwest South District

The Reverend Bridget L. Mitchell, Pastor

Evangelist Pamela Taylor, Evangelist

Brother Arch Brooks, Exhorter

Brother Larry Perry, Minister of Music

St. Matthew's  Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church

309 Spruce

Boonville, Mo 65233

(660) 882-6831

[email protected]


Church School

Sundays 9:30am

Sunday Morning Worship Experience 

11:00 am

Bible Study

12 Noon Wednesday


A Message From the Pastor

 You've celebrated yesterday in new clothes (some of you), enjoyed all the wonderful food and even attended a church that probably won't see you until the next holiday. In all of that I pray that some of you have realized the magnitude of the occasion. CHRIST DIED AND ROSE AGAIN to save me and you! Don't wait until Mother's Day to walk into the blessing that God has for you today. Besides, you may not make it until then. 


Pastor Bridget 

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